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About The Revelation Network



About The Revelation Network

The Revelation Network bridges the gap between new media digital transmission and analog or traditional terrestrial transmission. Additionally, the Network has established Affiliate relationships with mobile, cable, Dish, LPTV, and Out of Home distributors for cross promotion and file sharing opportunities. The Company vision goes beyond the traditional approach of bringing consumers to the content and applies the future trend of new media that is bringing content to the consumer across multiple devices.

The global marketplace for digital and Internet transmission of content is surging with more devices coming on the market to receive content at lower costs to the consumer. Communications through the Internet is now a necessity and not just a luxury for the privileged. Churches provide a perfect educational and resourceful vehicle for the masses to get online through their “church family.” The Revelation Network makes this an easy transition for some ministries while addressing the sophisticated translations necessary for any organization to comfortably utilize new media and technology to its full potential.


Customer Focus

In these modern times it is essential that individuals and organizations communicate efficiently with successful results. The Revelation Network makes it possible for all churches, regardless of size, to benefit from the opportunities provided through utilizing the Internet and technology. Church services, bible studies and special events can be delivered successfully to more people when technology and social networking become an integral part of operations. Our solutions have been thoughtfully packaged to deliver the hardware and software essential for churches to communicate, exchange, and broadcast anywhere in the world to multiple hardware devices.

Our solutions enables churches to exchange and communicate with the members of their own congregations as well as with other groups and ministries around the world using the Internet, mobile phones, hand-held devices, transmission boxes, and receiver boxes. Equipping churches with an on-line presence will provide local communities with the much needed resource for utilizing technology to bridge the gap in communications, education, and neighborhood collaborations.


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